Chairman's Message

Bridgeway Group has charted on its journey of formidable growth and consistent innovation ever since the beginning of the organization. We may have started on a modest scale but our ambition was anything but that.

Every milestone that we cross successfully, compels us to raise the bar every time. This has enabled us to leverage our key competencies to capitalize emerging opportunities in the region’s buoyant economy. The Group embraced a fundamental credo of expansion of scale and diversification of core domains.

The road ahead may be fraught with challenges but Bridgeway Group has chosen to see and focus the opportunities that have emerged. Our growth areas will be driven by our business objective of becoming a business solutions provider of choice.

We take pride in our people, celebrate our success, and are committed to upholding ethics in doing business because; the Bridgeway Group is about Business first, Fairness foremost.

About Bridgeway Group

The Bridgeway Group, a diversified family business Group, began its journey in the year 1974. With its beginnings rooted in mechanical and oilfield supplies trading, the Group has diversified into various consumer and industrial sectors over the past 4 decades expanding its portfolio in the Middle East and India.The impressive growth of the Group that followed through a concerted effort of investing in people and practices, created a business portfolio conspicuously diverse in sectors and geographical locations. The Group’s interests are spread over business segments that include Shipping & Logistics, Engineering & Technology, Real Estate, Trade & Marketing, Health Care and Education.


"Be a reputed and trusted name among the family business houses by upholding professional code of conduct in the pursuit of our goals and to be committed to taking up social responsibilities as a family in business."


"Grow in strength and class as a family-owned business in diverse segments and develop the culture of entrepreneurship within the family."

“Pursue the development of our financial and human resources through diversified business activities, in an ethical and socially responsible manner and in pace with the advancements of the day.”